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The Middle by Jimmy Eat World from the album: Bleed American

The Middle | Jimmy Eat World


The idea is that there is no tomorrow. Or yesterday. You have to let go of the human made up idea of tomorrow or yesterday, of time, and live only in the now. You can never touch tomorrow or yesterday as they don’t exist, they’re just ideas, presumptions.

Once you let go of the idea of time, you will realise that left, right, up, down, tomorrow, yesterday, forwards and backwards are all made up. Just a bunch of opposites. They’re all presumptions as you can only be here, now. You are the centre of everything.

Once you grasp this and let go of time emotions will fade, sadness, jealousy, nervousness and most importantly fear will disappear. You will never feel bad ever again, as you will realise that emotions also are just something made up by your mind. Love and joy are the only two feelings that are not emotions, so all you will be left with is love and joy.

Once emotions fade and you are no longer hindered by the idea of time you grasp how beautiful everything is. Naming, the idea of it, vanishes. It’s not a tree, a car, a butterfly, it just is. You will see everything for what it is. You will see everyone for who they are. This will bring a feeling of love and joy towards it, towards everything and everyone.

And remember, shit happens. There’s no such thing as accidents, only happenings. An accident is just something happening that we don’t like. Everything that happens is meant to happen, like fate, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Hitler killing thousands, that was fate, that was always meant to happen and going to happen. How do i know this? Because it happened.

You will then realise the three different parts to yourself: Your personality (things like opinions, likes and dislikes that you have built up over time) which is built by the mind, and not a ‘good’ thing.

Your character (more like traits, like a love of music or being outdoors, similar to the personality but one which you were born with) which is perfectly innocent, apart of the body almost.

Then there is ‘I’. Me. You. Who we really are. If you don’t believe that there is ‘I’ in the centre, who is it that hears your thoughts? When your mind is going crazy and keeping you awake with thoughts, who is it keeping awake? The answer is I, me, the true centre of a person. 

'I' am the centre of everything. 'I' am the one who takes electrical signals from my eyes, ears, tongue, nose and nervous system. These electrical signals I turn into sight, sound, taste, smell and feeling. These are the only 5 ways that the world exists. Take them away and the world doesn't exist. Therefore 'I' am the creator of everything. I create the world through my 5 senses.

So if the world we experience is only the 5 senses, why is there a fear of death? When you sleep the 5 senses shut down. And yet you wake in the morning. The only reason we don’t remember dying is that memory is stored in the brain, the brain is like a filing cabinet full of images of the past, which is obviously destroyed during death. Humans naturally fear the unknown, it’s our primitive instinct to keep us alive. But only your body can die. ‘I’ am eternal.

Once you realise that ‘I’ am the creator of the world, that there is no death, you realise the big one. I am God. I create the physical world with my senses, i create good and evil (which are only mind made opinions) and i create emotions within myself. The ‘I’ in me is the EXACT same as the ‘I’ in you. I am God. You are God. The creator of all.

Once this is realised, once you realise that life is just a big game, an experience, something we create simply to enjoy, you win. All trying is over. You make the least effort, and gain the most. To win the game that is life you have to realise it’s a game, and stop taking it so damn seriously. There is in fact no difference between what you do, and what happens to you. Like two poles of a magnent, they’re completely different from each other yet they are part of the same whole (magnet). You can’t have one without the other, North without South, Black without White, Up without Down, Front without Back, Life without Death, and Self without Other. Why you ask? Because indeed they are the same thing, they are really one.

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